Jason Roberts – Inaugural Life Ride Ambassador 2019

Sydney chef Jason Roberts is no stranger when it comes to pushing pedals to help save lives.

The New Zealand native celebrity chef and author splits his time between Sydney and New York but always makes time for those in need. Now he’s calling on Aussies to join him for the Tour de Cure and Leukaemia Foundation’s inaugural Life Ride in Margaret River, WA, this November.

Jason regularly hits the bitumen in the name of charity.

“I think the biggest reason for doing so is the empathy I hold on such a broad scale for so many of life’s issues, from hungry kids to mental health to those affected and suffering the effects of cancer,” Jason told the Leukaemia Foundation.

“It would also be fair to say I love riding bikes too.”

Like most Australians, Jason has been touched by cancer.

“I have not only felt the effects of loss via cancer but also been moved, empowered by those enduring cancer, their will to live, change lives and mindsets,” he said

“I have mourned cancer deaths, and celebrated victories with surviving friends and colleagues.”

Jason said his bike has now become a platform to raise awareness and dollars for those who can’t do it themselves, while also trying to keep himself fit and cancer free.

“There is a seed deep inside me that makes me believe that by riding my bike, I may escape cancer myself,” he said.

“That’s wishful thinking right? But being active and focused on the road has been away for me to de-stress and unwind, while keeping fit.

Jason is now calling on other Aussies to ride alongside him as Tour de Cure and the Leukaemia Foundation join forces for the inaugural Life Ride event this November. The three day, 380km event will take riders through the spectacular beaches, magnificent forests and incredible wineries in the Margaret River region, with every kilometer taking Australians closer to a future free of blood cancer.

The event will be held from Sunday, November 24 to Tuesday, November 26 and the event is now open to registrations.

“It’s everybody’s responsibility to care for one another. Even a full long life is still a short life,” Jason said.

“I urge you to come ride WA with us in an effort to raise some much needed dollars, and if you can’t, maybe just share this message, donate and get behind a charity very dear to my heart.”

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